Dr. Safacan Kölemen graduated from the Chemistry Department, Bilkent University in 2008. After completing his MSc studies in the same department, he earned his PhD from the National Nanotechnology Research Center, Material Science and Nanotechnology program at Bilkent University in 2014. In his PhD studies he mainly focused on developing photodynamic therapy agents. Later, Dr. Kölemen moved to University of California, Berkeley Chemistry Department as a postdoctoral researcher, where he worked on the development of fluorescent molecular sensors. In 2017, he joined to Koç University, Department of Chemistry as an Assistant Professor and established Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology laboratory. His current research focuses on the development of tumor selective drug candidates for phototherapy and fluorescent/chemiluminescent agents for bioimaging applications. His work is supported by TUBITAK, private companies and Science Academy. Dr. Kölemen serves as an associate editor in Frontiers in Chemistry, and he is a member of editorial advisory board of ACS Bio&Med Chem Au. Please visit group website https://kolemenlab.ku.edu.tr for more information.