Dr Seçil Vural earned her MD degree from Hacettepe University and completed the Dermatology Residency Program at Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. She did her postdoctoral fellowship in dermatologic research with Prof. Jörg Prinz and Dr Akiko Arakawa in the Psoriasis Research Laboratory of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Dr Vural’s research interests are inflammatory skin diseases and skin immunity. She currently focuses on the T-cell mediated immunity in Behçet’s disease and psoriasis as well as autoinflammation in hidradenitis suppurativa.

Selected Publications


1          Arakawa Y, Vural S, Arakawa A et al. Environmental antigens may promote cross-activation of CD8(+) T cells against melanocytes in psoriasis. Exp Dermatol 2019; 28: E66-E.

2          Vural S, Arakawa Y, Galinski A et al. Environmental Triggers of an Hla-C*06: 02-Restricted Autoimmune Response in Psoriasis. Acta Derm-Venereol 2018; 98: 43-4.

3          Vural S, Gundogdu M, Gokpinar Ili E et al. Association of pyrin mutations and autoinflammation with complex phenotype hidradenitis suppurativa: a case-control study. Br J Dermatol 2019; 180: 1459-67.

4          Vural S, Baumgartner M, Lichtner P et al. Investigation of gamma secretase gene complex mutations in German population with Hidradenitis suppurativa designate a complex polygenic heritage. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol 2021.