Mehmet Cengiz Onbaşlı received his PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Materials Science and Engineering and his Bachler’s degree from Bilkent University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. He worked as a research scientist at Corning Incorporated for a year and joined Koç University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department as an assistant professor. His research interests include fabrication of magnetic thin films and devices, including sensors, spintronic microprocessors and telecommunication components. He is currently setting up two laboratories, one on thin film fabrication and electronic, optical and magnetic testing and a cleanroom facility for integrated device fabrication and testing. His research focuses on developing novel and advantageous materials that enable unique magnetic, spintronic, optical or sensing functionalities not achieved previously and device applications of such materials. For more information, please visit his lab web site.

Selected Publications

Control and local measurement of the spin chemical potential in a magnetic insulator. Du C, Van der Sar T, Zhou TX, Upadhyaya P, Casola F, Zhang H, Onbasli MC, Ross CA, Walsworth RL, Tserkovnyak Y, Yacoby A. Science. 2017; 357(6347): 195-198.

Current-induced switching in a magnetic insulator. Avci CO, Quindeau A, Pai C, Mann M, Caretta L, Tang AS, Onbasli MC, Ross CA, Beach GSD. Nat. Mater.2017; 16(3): 309-314.

Optical and magneto-optical behavior of Cerium Yttrium Iron Garnet thin films at wavelengths of 200–1770 nm. Onbasli MC, Beran L, Zahradník M, Kučera M, Anton R, Mistrík J, Dionne GF, Veis M, Ross CA. Sci. Rep. 2016; 6:23640.