Dr. Hale Yapıcı Eser earned her MD degree from Hacettepe University and completed her Psychiatry Residency at Gazi University Faculty of Medicine. In addition, she gained Neuroscience  PHD degree through the MD-PHD program at Hacettepe University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Turgay Dalkara and Assoc. Prof. Emine Eren Koçak. She has also been a visiting scientist at University of Copenhagen Institute of Biological Psychiatry and Harvard University McLean Hospital.  Dr. Yapıcı Eser’s research interests include acute and chronic stress effect on mind and body relationship and comorbidities of psychiatric disorders. Ongoing work involves translational research on animal models and humans, where multiple research methods are combined. Fore more information please visit her personal page.

Selected Publications

A combined VBM and DTI study of schizophrenia: bilateral decreased insula volume and cerebral white matter disintegrity corresponding to subinsular white matter projections unlinked to clinical symptomatology. Onay A, Eser HY, Ulaşoğlu-Yıldız Ç, Aslan S, Talı ET. Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. 2017 Sep;23(5):390.

Depression and Parkinson disease: prevalence, temporal relationship, and determinants. Eser HY, Bora HA, Kuruoglu A. Turkish journal of medical sciences. 2017 Apr 18;47(2):499-503.

Rare case of glioblastoma multiforme located in posterior corpus callosum presenting with depressive symptoms and visual memory deficits. Eser HY, Onay A, Öztop-Çakmak Ö, Egemen E, Vanlı-Yavuz EN, Solaroğlu İ. BMJ case reports. 2016 Dec 15;2016:bcr2016216505.

Comparison of DRD2 rs1800497 (TaqIA) polymorphism between schizophrenic patients and healthy controls: lack of association in a Turkish sample. Aslan S, Karaoguz MY, Eser HY, Karaer DK, Taner E. International journal of psychiatry in clinical practice. 2010 Nov 1;14(4):257-61.

Does Switching to Another Antipsychotic in Patients With Clozapine-Associated Granulocytopenia Solve the Problem?: Case Series of 18 Patients. Cosar B, Taner ME, Eser HY, Altnöz AE, Tarhan R. Journal of clinical psychopharmacology. 2011 Apr 1;31(2):169-73.