Dr. Savas Tasoglu received his Ph.D. in 2011 from UC Berkeley, with a research focus on transport phenomena and pharmacokinetics of anti-HIV microbicide drug delivery. Dr. Tasoglu held a postdoctoral appointment at Harvard Medical School and Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology between 2011 and 2014. His current research interests are point-of-care diagnostic devices, bioprinting, magnetic focusing and levitation, microfluidics, and regenerative medicine. He serves on the editorial board of several journals including Bioprinting (Elsevier), Scientific Reports (Nature), iScience (Cell), Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine (FSG), and International Journal of Bioprinting. Dr. Tasoglu’s achievements in research and teaching have been recognized by fellowships and awards including Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers, American Heart Association Scientist Development Award, NIH Pathway to Independence Award, CT Innovations Biopipeline Awards, iQ award, Wolff New Venture Competition Award, Chang-Lin Tien Fellowship in Mechanical Engineering, Allen D. Wilson Memorial Scholarship, and UC Berkeley Institute Fellowship for Preparing Future Faculty. Dr. Tasoglu has published 60+ articles in journals such as: Nature Communications, Nature Materials, Advanced Materials, PNAS, Small, ACS Nano, Chemical Society Reviews, Trends in Biotechnology, Scientific Reports, Physics of Fluids, and Journal of Computational Neuroscience. His work has been featured at the cover of Advanced Materials, Small, Trends in Biotechnology, and Physics of Fluids and highlighted in Nature, Nature Physics, Nature Medicine, Boston Globe, Reuters Health, and Boston Magazine.

Lab website: https://dxbiotech.ku.edu.tr/

Awards: https://dxbiotech.ku.edu.tr/pi/

Selected Publications

S Knowlton, A Joshi, P Syrrist, AF Coskun, S Tasoglu, 3D-printed smartphone-based point of care tool for fluorescence-and magnetophoresis-based cytometry, Lab on a Chip 17 (16), 2839-2851 (2017).

B Yenilmez, S Knowlton, CH Yu, MM Heeney, S Tasoglu, Label‐free sickle cell disease diagnosis using a low‐cost, handheld platform, Advanced Materials Technologies 1 (5), 1600100 (2016).

B Yenilmez, S Knowlton, S Tasoglu, Self‐contained handheld magnetic platform for point of care cytometry in biological samples, Advanced Materials Technologies 1 (9), 1600144 (2016).

S Tasoglu, E Diller, S Guven, M Sitti, U Demirci, Untethered micro-robotic coding of three-dimensional material composition, Nature communications 5, 3124 (2014).

S Tasoglu, G Kaynak, AJ Szeri, U Demirci, M Muradoglu, Impact of a compound droplet on a flat surface: a model for single cell epitaxy, Physics of Fluids 22 (8), 082103 (2010).