Dr. Nurhan Özlü received her BS degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2001 from the Bilkent University. She did her PhD at Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden Germany in 2005. Following her PhD, Dr. Ozlu worked as a Post Doctoral Researcher at the Harvard Medical School, Systems Biology Department and in Childrens Hospital  BostonProteomics Laboratory. Dr. Ozlu’s research is focused on the regulation of cell division using mass spectrometry based proteomics and anti-mitotic drugs in the treatment of cancer. For more information please visit (https://cell-proteomics.ku.edu.tr/)

Selected Publications

Üretmen Kagıalı ZC, Şentürk A, Özkan Küçük NE, Qureshi MH, Özlü N. Proteomics in cell division. Proteomics. 2017 Oct;17 (20)

Polat AN, Karayel O, Giese SH, Harmanda B, Sanal E, Hu CK, Renard BY, Özlü N. Phosphoproteomic Analysis of Aurora Kinase Inhibition in Monopolar Cytokinesis. J Proteome Res 14: 4087-98; 2015

Özlü N, Qureshi MH, Toyoda Y, Renard BY, Mollaoglu G, Ozkan NE, Bulbul S, Poser I, Timm W, Hyman AA, Mitchison TJ, Steen JA, Quantitative comparison of a human cancer cell surface proteome between interphase and mitosis. The EMBO journal 34: 251-265, 2015