Berna Morova

Berna Morova has received her BS, MS and PhD degrees in Physics Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. Between the years of 2010 – 2017, she worked as a Research Assistant in the same department. During her PhD, she studied on interactions of high-energy shaped laser beams with transparent materials and she was awarded with a doctoral scholarship from ASELSAN A.Ş., a Turkish Armed Forces Foundation company. In 2017, Berna Morova joined Koç University Optofluidics and Nano-Optics Research Laboratory as a post-doctoral researcher and her studies mainly focus on ultrafast lasers, imaging techniques, microfabrication, and microfluidics. She is also the Principal Investigator on two projects that have been funded by TÜBİTAK National R&D Funding Programs of 3501 and 1005. In 2019, she joined KUTTAM Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core’s technical team.

Selected Publications

  1. Morova, N. Bavili, O. Yaman, B. Yigit, M. Zeybel, M. Aydin, B. Dogan, R. Kasztelanic, D. Pysz, R. Buczynski, and A. Kiraz, “Fabrication and characterization of large numerical aperture, high-resolution optical fiber bundles based on high-contrast pairs of soft glasses for fluorescence imaging,” Optics Express, 27, 9502-9515, (2019).
  2. Rashid, U. C. Coskun, Y. Morova, B. Morova, A. Asikoglu Bozkurt, A. Erten, A. Jonas, and A. Kiraz, “Guiding of emulsion droplets in microfluidic chips along shallow tracks defined by laser ablation,” Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 21, 160, (2017).
  3. Yalizay, Y. Morova, K. Dincer, Y. Ozbakir, A. Jonas, C. Erkey, A. Kiraz, S. Akturk, “Versatile liquid-core optofluidic waveguides fabricated in hydrophobic silica aerogels by femtosecond-laser ablation,” Optical Materials, 47, 478-483, (2015).
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