Welcome to Zebrafish Laboratory!

The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a widely used vertebrate animal model from developmental biology and genetics to human diseases. The zebrafish reproduces by spawning, can produce 150-200 eggs per mating, and zebrafish embryos typically reach sexual maturity in three months.  The large, robust, and transparent embryos are externally fertilized and develop freely and thus provides significant advantages, especially in terms of understanding, manipulating, and visualizing biological processes.

The Zebrafish Laboratory is located in the KUTTAM Topkapı Campus in a total area of 142 m2. Laboratory provides the use, production, and care services of the fish required in the research. Our laboratory composed of two physically separated rooms: Quarantine Room that contains ten 8.0-liter tanks and 30 3.5-liter tanks; and the Main Room that contains 120 8.0 liter tanks and 360 3.5 liter tanks that provide a total 15.000 fish capacity. The system in the Main Room is controlled 24-hours by the alarm system.

Together with its high tank capacity, our laboratory aims to be one of the most comprehensive zebrafish laboratories in our country.  Our laboratory, which has a young, dynamic, and educated team, is open to all researchers, both internal and external, who aim to do functional researches on zebrafish.


Our local services:

  • Fish room, tank systems, fish lines, workstations
  • Zebrafish feeding and caretaking
  • Embryo production and maintenance
  • Microscopy (Leica M205 FA and M125C) and operation rooms


Services planned to be provided within the laboratory:

  • Micromanipulation room that contains microinjection equipents and stereomicroscope
  • Generation of transgenic fish lines
  • Educational events and activities
  • Infrastructure supports for projects


Please contact us via zebrafish@ku.edu.tr for further informations on the use of our laboratory infrastructure, service procurement, project processes, technical support/service and training.


“For the Laboratory, the Ministry of Agriculture And Forestry of Turkey has a permit for the production, use and procurement of experimental animals dated 16/04/19 and numbered 150, under the regulation on “Welfare and Protection of Animals Used for Experimental and Other Scientific Purposes”.



Elanur Yılmaz


Phone: +90 (850) 250 8 250

E-mail: elanuryilmaz@ku.edu.tr

Nilhan Coşkun

Animal Health Specialist

Phone: +90 (850) 250 8 250

E-mail: ncoskun@ku.edu.tr

Abdulaziz Kaya

Experimental Animal Laboratory Technician

Phone: +90 (850) 250 8 250

E-mail: abdkaya@ku.edu.tr