Ceren Tunçer

Dr. Ceren Tunçer graduated with a BSc Biology from Middle East Technical University and studied her postgraduate degrees in the Medical School of The University of Birmingham in United Kingdom. Here, she joined the group of Professor David Adams in Liver Research Group and completed her MSc Immunology and PhD Medicine degrees. She investigated the molecular and physiological regulation of T lymphocyte transendothelial migration for her MSc thesis. In her PhD studies in the same laboratory, her thesis work focused on the identification of adhesion molecules and chemokines which regulate the intrahepatic recruitment of lymphocytes in patients with acute liver failure. Dr Tunçer worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in Sabancı University in the laboratory of Professor Batu Erman and studied the regulation of IL-7 receptor expression through transcription repressor protein GFI-1. She then worked as a technical responsible in the Molecular Genetics Division of the Genetic Diagnosis Centre of Düzen Laboratories Group. Currently, Dr Tunçer is working as a laboratory supervisor in Professor Mert Erkan’s group and her research interests are on hepatopancreatobiliary diseases.


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