Scholarly Output

The academic output of KUTTAM is assessed by screening the articles filtered under the heading ‘Medicine’ in SciVal. However, our faculty also has many articles in other fields (electrical-electronics, chemistry etc.). ** Therefore, the field of ‘Medicine’ represents only a part of our academic members’ academic output. The number of articles published in scientific journals between January 2017 and May 2020 and the mean field-weighted citation impact* are presented below. The information provided is taken from the SciVal database and may change over time. Journals in the Q1 category are considered to be the journals with the highest impact value. A center of excellence in any institution is expected to have higher publication rates in Q1 category journals.


* Field-weighted citation impact (FWCI); A Field-Weighted Citation Impact of 1.00 indicates that the publications have been cited at world average for similar publications. A Field-Weighted Citation Impact of greater than 1.00 indicates that the publications have been cited more than would be expected based on the world average for similar publications, for example a score of 1.44 means that the outputs have been cited 44% more times than expected. The FWCI score of KUTTAM academic output is above the average FWCI of KU publications, which is an important indicator of KUTTAM’s progress towards becoming a center of excellence.