Hakan Orer, MD.

Faculty Co-Director

Phone: +90 (212) 338-1164

E-Mail: horer@ku.edu.tr

Fuat Balcı, PhD.

Faculty Co-Director

Phone: +90 (212) 338-1138

E-Mail: fbalci@ku.edu.tr

Welcome to Animal Research Facilities.

The Experimental Animal Laboratory is a central laboratory in Koç University Research Center for Translational Medicine. The Experimental Animal Laboratory provides the production and care services of the experimental animals required in the research in accordance with national and international standards. Based on the basic principles that are referred to as 3R in laboratory animal science and which are “Replacement” substitution, “Reduction” reduction and “Refinement” elimination, the experimental animals are provided with healthy, high quality and correct usage.

Access to the laboratory and experiment rooms is restricted to researchers who are making studies approved by the ethics committee and who have trained in the use of experimental animals. The staff working in the laboratory are the experts who are certified to use experimental animals. Conventional mice, conventional rats, transgenic mice and immunosuppressed mice races are present in the laboratory. All animals are maintained in individual ventilated hepa-filtered cages (IVC) and daily health checks are carried out by the veterinarian.

The total area of the laboratory is 332 m2 and it consists of 41 independent sections. The area devoted to the research consists of 2 operation rooms, 1 cell culture room, 3 behavior rooms, in vivo imaging room, necropsy room, examination room and other auxiliary rooms. At the same time, embryo production, embryo transfer, cryopreservation and other assisted reproductive biotechnology techniques are applied to experimental animals in the Embryo Research Laboratory located in the laboratory.

Ali Cihan Taşkın, PhD., DVM.

Laboratory Coordinator

Phone: +90 (212) 338-1181

E-Mail: ataskin@ku.edu.tr


Ali Cihan Taşkın

Animal Research Facility Coordinator

Nilhan Coşkun

Animal Health Specialist

Ahmet Kocabay

Veterinary Health Supervisor

Mustafa Demir

Technical Maintance Technician


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Code Spacies Service 2018
Members of KU Non- Ku Member
ARF-01 Mouse Cd1- Balb/c TRY 25 TRY 38
ARF-02 Mouse C57BL/6j TRY 40 TRY 50
ARF-03 Mouse Time pregnant (Day 14 ) Balb/c  Cd1 TRY 100 TRY 125
ARF-04 Mouse Time Pregnant (Day 18 ) Balb/c  Cd1 TRY 125 TRY 155
ARF-05 Rat Wistar Albino TRY 38 TRY 50
ARF-06 Mouse Scid- Nude TRY 390 TRY 500
Code Service 2018
Members of KU Non- KU Members
ARF-07 Mouse care with Tip 1 ( 1-5 mouse/cage) TRY 7 TRY 9
ARF-08 Rat care with Tip 3 ( 1-3 rat/cage) TRY 9 TRY 15
ARF-09 Steril care with Tip 1 ( 1-5 mouse/cage) TRY 9 TRY 15
Code Service 2018
Members of KU Non- KU Members
ARF-10 Rodent Bloodletting TRY 9 TRY 11
ARF-11 Rodent  Anesthesia TRY 12 TRY 15
ARF-12 Rodent İnhalation Anesthesia TRY 11 TRY 15
ARF-13 Rodent Euthanasia TRY 9 TRY 11
ARF-14 Rodent Injection TRY 9 TRY 11
ARF-15 Rodent Hemogram TRY 20 TRY 27
ARF-16 Rodent General Health Profile TRY 9 TRY 14
ARF-17 Rodent Diagnostic Health Profile TRY 9 TRY 14

*Ketamine/Xylazine Anesthesia cocktail or

*Inhalation anesthesia for every 10 minutes.

** Take the information for price of health profiles

*** General health profile (ALB,ALKP,ALT, AMYL, BUN, Ca, CHOL,CREA, GLU,PHOS, TBIL, TP, GLOB)

Diagnostic health profile (ALB, ALKP, ALT, AMYL, BUN, Ca, CREA, GGT, GLU, LIPA, TBIL, TP, GLOB)

Code Service 2018
Members of KU Non- KU Members
ARF-18 Operation Room  – TRY 100
ARF-19 Cell Culture Room  – TRY 50