Savaş Taşoğlu, PhD.

Faculty Co-Director

Phone: +90 (212) 338 0869


Welcome to Biomechanics and Endurance Laboratory!

The Biomechanics Laboratory of the KUTTAM is an advanced mechanical testing center that provides applied, basic and clinical researchers with personalized assistance, training, and support on all aspects of mechanical testing and characterization of their materials. Our main objectives are: (i) to provide KUTTAM researchers and external parties with knowledge to lead a detailed investigation on the mechanical strength and failure modes of biomaterials, (ii) to provide KUTTAM researchers and external parties with consultation on which characterization experiments to be performed, such as a wide range of dynamic and quasi-static test methods using minimal steps within a simple matrix structure.

The Biomechanics Laboratory of the KUTTAM is located within the shared-use facility in the KUTTAM space of SNA Building at Koç University Rumelifeneri Campus. The Center is available to researchers only by appointment. All users must be trained before they are allowed to use the equipment. Training and assistance in the use of the instruments and associated technical procedures is provided by appointment and in scheduled in-service training sessions. Equipment in the state-of-the-art facility includes:

– Instron Premium ElectroPuls E10000LT testing system,

– ±10000N, ±100 Nm dynamic load cell

– 10kN / 100Nm mechanical wedge action grips

– 5 set jaw faces to cover 12.6mm. flat and 3 – 18mm. round specimens,

– Instron 8800MT Controller

– Instron WaveMatrix 2 dynamic testing software

– Instron WaveMatrix 2 calculations Module

– Instron BlueHill Universal static testing software

– High Performance Computer

– System installation, commissioning and training

– Loadcell calibration